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How do they get that “babies resting their heads on their arms” shot?

Ever wonder how they do those baby “resting their heads on their arms” photos? Maybe you think you know how… I’m here to tell you that unless you have actually done it …you don’t know how to do it! It’s hard!!!! I’m a portrait photographer; I don’t claim to be a newborn/baby photographer because great […]

Better Pictures of your Kids

Is there anything more endearing for most of us than a baby or child as the subject of our photographs? The world is a giant ball of dirt and water filled with parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, who desire pictures, lots and lots of pictures, of the children they love. Most of you are absolutely […]

What is real beauty? Are you looking for it? (Part 2)

Occasionally we need to be quiet if we want to see beauty, if you’re finding it hard to find a subject to photograph maybe it’s because you’re being so loud that you miss the beauty all around you. Let’s talk about poetry, they say the poet says in twenty words what the author takes a […]

What is real beauty? Are you looking for it? (Part 1)

Have you ever really thought through the idea of beauty? Is it a tangible thing? Sure it is, however beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s look at an example, I can show you a photo of my son with his hair all a mess and a smile filled with missing teeth […]

Take a moment to be touched…

Are you ready to see real beauty? Last week I wrote in my blog about what is real beauty… When I heard about this video the person said “you have to have a black heart to not be touched by this”, and he was right. Get the Kleenex out and smile! Share :

Live workshops!

Did you know that for the past three years Look Photographic Workshops have hosted over 70 portrait and lighting workshops all over Northern California? Over 2000 photographers and 500 models have joined in to make us one of the largest portrait workshops! We are all about book, class and video teaching time, however nothing gives […]

Nor Cal group special

Declare your independence from bad light! Our long awaited primer on flash photography is finished and just waiting for you to download. This video is not just another “place your lights here” tutorial.  Rather, it takes you through what you need to be a great photographer; incredible new techniques you can start implementing today! We […]

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