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Sacramento Valley Premier Wedding Photographer Workshop

SAVE THE DATES – Two days, September 9 and 10, 2016. Attend only one day or both for a discounted price. Learn wedding photography and add to your growing wedding portfolio without the pressure of wedding day!!! We are excited to announce our special guest instructor!!! LowePro Professional Sarah Dawson Sarah Dawson is an International award […]

25 on 25

For today only June 25, 2016 you can order The Lighting Asylum video for only $25. 100% of the purchase will go towards our “Focus Of A Child” project. Focus of a Child will be bringing the art of photography to two groups of students in Howrah India, a slum area on the outskirts of […]

The Asylum going to India?

We are so excited to tell you about what we have planned for later this year! Please take a few minutes to hear what we have brewing, not only are we teaching in India but are working on our first full-length documentary while we are there. This project is with Zedbridge, a non-profit working on improving […]

Hey you! Yes you, you’re not really as good as you think you are!

Do I have your attention? It’s that time of year again, I want you to do two things: First watch the king of the one light Zack Arias’ video blog post “Transformations”, this helps me to re-focus on my photography and be reminded how lucky I am to be doing what I’m doing! I recommend […]

Photoshop Lesson #3 – Layers, masks and part 1 of the toolbar

Join us as we start off with looking at a basic understanding of layers and masks followed by the first half of the toolbar. This week we will start lesson #4 and finish looking at the toolbar! Looking for a book on Photoshop? Deke McClelland’s Adobe Photoshop CS5 One-on-One (ignore the fact that it says […]

What in the world is layers and masks? …and what about that toolbar? Photoshop lesson #3

Learn once and for all what a layer is and what is a mask, no more mysteries, no confusion just the basics! Trust us, it’s really easy, most of us used Photoshop too long before we stumbled on to these answers and life got easy! We then will begin to work down the toolbar to […]

Photoshop Lesson #2 – The Photoshop environment and what is a layer and what is a mask

Remember these were recorded live via Google Hangouts and may have sound or video glitches, we are working hard each week to make the viewing experience much more enjoyable! Thanks! During Lesson two we lost connection and had to teach it in two parts, great news is we have upgraded our mics (after recording these […]

The History of Photography in 5 Minutes

Found this fun video and had to share, so many cool things! Share :

Adobe Bridge – The perfect jumping off point!

We have begun a series on Google Hangouts on “the fundamentals of Photoshop”. The first hangout was where we tackled Adobe Bridge, we found that Bridge is much more than just a file finder! Bridge will allow you to get organized, rename files, add keywords and cull large photo projects. Ever get the “you need […]

Are you shooting video yet?

If you’re not then you are only using half your camera… There are three constants in photography, the rules of composition, the necessity for good exposure and that everything else in constantly changing. We see so many fads come and go and then come back again, and then go that it almost seems that we […]

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