Tripods aren’t really that important… Are they?

The real reason I use a tripod…

I’m not going give you purchasing tips or even tell you what tripod I use (you’ll have to decide that for yourself), I am however going to give my number one reason for using a tripod.

My photo mentor John drilled into my head; “Use a tripod!” John even went as far as making me use one for the first month or so or he said he would not continue to teach me. Sounds a little hardcore? No, he did me a favor…

salt creek

Over my lifetime I have taken a lot of photos, but this is the first “real” photo I ever took. I did everything from driving to darkroom.

Welcome to the birth place of this obsession inside me called photography. It took me 20 minutes to snap this photo, I placed the camera, and John checked my composition and asked questions that made me change the perspective. After a few more adjustment I was finally ready, kachunck went the Hasselblad shutter and was hooked!

Here is the point to this story, I want you to see the importance of a tripod and see the best argument for using one.

First reason is obvious; tripods allow you to get sharper images in lower light because your camera is steady at those slower speeds.

Here is what I think is the biggest, best and most important reason a tripod…

Drum roll…….

When our camera is on a tripod we are forced to take more time and think, in turn, we compose better shots and we walk away with a better image.

Especially at early learning stages (your first twenty years of photography), force yourself to use a tripod, of course you’ll take fewer pictures this way but in the end have more photos worth keeping! Also remember, tripods are not just for landscapes, force yourself to shoot portraits on a tripod and watch your picture quality go through the roof!

Engage your brain, pull out the tripod and get to composing!

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