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The Original Lighting Asylum!!!


Declare your independence from bad light! Our long awaited primer on flash photography is finished and just waiting for you to download. This video is not just another “place your lights here” tutorial. Rather, it takes you through what you need to be a great photographer; incredible new techniques you can start implementing today!

We explain larger concepts about lighting; things like:

  • What makes light soft?
  • What is a stop of light?
  • What does flash do for your photo …and why to even try and master it?

Learn the 5 most important pillars of flash photography!

By gaining an understanding of these 5 foundations, you will find that flash photography will becomes easy, consistent and fun!

Think of it as a lighting boot camp on video.

Don’t put it off.

Download or order your copy today.

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Understanding Flash with Corbin Maki!!!


How much ever we love shooting in natural light, the sad part is we cannot control it. If you rely on natural light to create a specific look in your photographs, there’s always a possibility you’ll be let down.

Luckily, we have artificial light to the rescue! Flash photography can be relied on to create a series of images with a consistent look while controlling the intensity levels. This will enable you to choose the exposure settings that worked best for your desired composition

The video starts with how you can shoot photos like your favorite photographer with the right knowledge of your own equipment. The real skill lies in knowing how to use your own equipment to the fullest. Once you master that, you can concentrate on the next important bit – Composition, Color and Lighting. You may have followed the rules but here you will learn to bend the rules and use them to your advantage.

She will teach you how the amount of light decides the exposure, direction of light sets the mood, the color of light creates the feel and much more. Lighting is what differentiates the beginner from an expert. So, learn to be an expert and gear up to take amazing photos.


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