Are you shooting video yet?

If you’re not then you are only using half your camera… There are three constants in photography, the rules of composition, the necessity for good exposure and that everything else in constantly changing. We see so many fads come and go and then come back again, and then go that it almost seems that we can’t keep up. When I learned photography bad exposure was a mortal sin! Over the last few years it has been disguised as “light and airy”, “documentary”, “hipster” or my favorite “lifestyle photography”. Well, I could go on a “learn how to expose” rant or I can embrace the fad. But why embrace? We embrace because the client is always right, there has been a shift away from the technical side of photography to a looser interpretation of “good photos”, I blame Instagram filters. No not really, but again maybe a little…

We are not here to talk about filters and style; I want to address the fact that more and more portrait photographers are adding video to their sessions which has set them apart from the competition. So again, I ask, are you shooting video yet?


If you haven’t yet and you’re still a little hesitant, there is no need to jump in with both feet, but it is time to get your toes wet.

We have been playing around with video for a while; we have been actively seeking out projects that will allow us to perfect this area of our craft.


Here is our latest venture into the world of video with the dlsr:

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