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For today only June 25, 2016 you can order The Lighting Asylum video for only $25. 100% of the purchase will go towards our “Focus Of A Child” project.


Focus of a Child will be bringing the art of photography to two groups of students in Howrah India, a slum area on the outskirts of downtown Kolkata.  Three internationally acclaimed photographers will be teaching students not just the technical side of photography but they will allow the students to discover the true art of photography.  Soon the students will begin to see their world through a new lens. One that will spark creativity, joy and give them a new source of communication.

The initial roll out of the Focus of a Child program will include two groups of children. The first will be a group of 25 students attending HB school in Howrah that will consist of children, mostly females ranging from 12-15.  This is a true make it or break it time in an Indian child’s life.  Being involved in the arts can be a major catalyst to a child “making it” Our second group of children consists of 6 daughters of parents who currently are working in the commercial sex trade industry.  These girls are at a critical tipping point in their life.  Gaining new skills, self confidence and pride for their family can give them the opportunity to break the family cycle of being a prisoner in the life crushing sex trade industry.

A camera WILL make a difference. YOU can make a difference.  We need your help to impact a student by providing support in obtaining the cameras needed for each student.  Your donation will give each student the opportunity to have a personal camera that they can use during the program.  If we make our goal the students will be able to bring home their camera and tell THEIR story through the images they will capture each evening and will not need to share the camera with other students.

You have the opportunity to put a camera into the hands of a child. Your gift, your thoughtful gesture, can unlock the gate of hope for many, trapped in a world of hopeless poverty. Your donation will make this a reality. Imagine the joy that a camera will bring to each child; enabling them to gain new skills, increase self-confidence; and experience a new found self-worth.



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