Making Summer Rain

Is there anything better than a child playing in the sprinklers? It reminds me of what a child I still am at heart. What if I could show you how to create a photo using a simple lawn sprinkler to create a portrait that looks as if you took it during a summer rain shower?

What we are looking for is sunlight to back light our subject, we don’t want the sun too low or the subject will cast a shadow and hide most of the drops.

I have my friend Heather here and we are going to have some fun and get a little wet. Right away, what do you see that will be a problem for us? That’s right, that bright sun will cause or model to be nothing more than a silhouette.

The fix is real easy; by simply adding a little light from a reflector we now are ready for the rain.

Here is the magic:

I’ve tried every shutter speed possible while photographing water this way and you just have to trust me, at 1/60 of a second we get convincing streaks of water, any slower and the drops are way to long, any faster and the water looks like –  you’re standing in a sprinkler.

How fun are these pictures? Remember, get creative, and don’t stop there. Try shooting the kids playing in a backlit sprinkler; it looks like a fireworks show.

You can also incorporate this technique into all kinds of portraits. Again get creative, get out there and make something amazing.

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  1. Hannah Townley says:

    Really cool, thanks Mark!

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