What is real beauty? Are you looking for it? (Part 2)

Occasionally we need to be quiet if we want to see beauty, if you’re finding it hard to find a subject to photograph maybe it’s because you’re being so loud that you miss the beauty all around you.

Steam engine builder

It’s not until the shop goes quiet that we see the love for his craft really come out, just try and stop him from talking about past projects.

Let’s talk about poetry, they say the poet says in twenty words what the author takes a thousand pages to say. The poet composes with words, using only the most important ones…


sometimes the beauty is because of what has been left out

How about trying to compose your next photo with poetry, poetry doesn’t contain everything, sometimes the beauty is because of what has been left out.


Remember when a mentioned the photo of my son with his new baby sister? Sometimes beauty is deep and comes from meaning… Do you want to make more meaningful photos? The answer is simple, photograph something that means something to you.

Christopher looking back

One of my favorite personal photos, I can still hear my son yelling “come on Dad, the beach”!

I’m sure you have heard this expression “The eyes are the window to the soul”? I believe it! More often than not beauty is found in the eyes. Try making a portrait where they steal the show.

The eyes have it.

There is no doubt that the eyes are the subject here.

Beauty is all around you, are you willing to look for it? When you do; the ordinary becomes extraordinary! To just sit and wait for beauty to find you… Now that’s a sin, it’s just sad… Go seek it out, you’ll find it, I promise.

Family time

Nothing more beautiful than special moments with family. So beautiful that all the late nights, sickness and bad attitudes are worth it…

“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen


My good friend Boris Borisov inside the giant kilns outside of Death Valley

You’re a photographer, look for life’s imperfections, these are how the light gets in.

Read part one, did you miss it?

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