How much do you know about your camera? Did you know that mine can…

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Let’s talk a minute about an important piece of equipment, the thing that makes it all happen, your camera. Listen, your camera should be a part of you, an extension of your arm, I don’t go anywhere without a camera, this piece of metal and plastic has become part of who I am.

I encourage photographers all the time to put their camera in hand as often as humanly possible. You should know EVERY button and every feature on it. You should know it so well that you could find any feature even in complete darkness.

You have no excuses!!! Have you search your camera on YouTube? There are so many videos explaining every feature available. Here are a couple of examples:

Nikon D600:

Canon 7D:

See, if you don’t know how to really use your camera then how comfortable is your customer going to be with your abilities?

Now, the time to learn your camera is at home when you have some down time, during a shoot is not the time to learn your camera. I can’t even imagine what someone would be thinking if they where being photographed and the photographer pulled out their camera manual to change the settings on their camera.

Have I beating this to death? Know your camera!

One last thing about cameras, if you’re on a budget then spend the majority of it on good glass, cameras wear out fast and newer and better performing cameras come out all the time, a good lens can last a lifetime.

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