Everyone overstates… You need to over deliver!!!


I’ll bet I can hazard a guess, if you have been photographing people for even a short while then you know how people tend to oversell everything.

What do I mean?

Before I begin, everyone in the story below is a friend and did nothing wrong, it all works out great…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “wait until you see this location, its wonderful”! (Only to find yourself trying to take portraits in full sun without shade in sight) or “we have our wardrobe all picked out, I think you’ll love it”. (Nobody matches, they have on loud stripes, giant logos on shirts, and you know the drill)

Well guess what! Get over it!

You call yourself a photographer on your Facebook page! Your job is to make the best portrait you can…

So, this last weekend I had a few kids come out to model for my lighting boot camp. These kids where great! These kids can stand in front of my camera anytime…  However, a friend of a friend set this up, she told me these kids were drama students that dressed in costumes that looked like the real characters they were trying to portray. I was excited!

My workshop was not going to stand or fall on these kids, I was oversold so in turn I oversold my students on how great these kids would be! We where just winding down the “hands on” portion of the workshop when 6 kids walk in looking like trick-or-treaters, not really (I’m now over selling their looks to make the story sound better, they looked great). I know everyone was looking at these kids thinking the same thing… “What are we going to do with this”? Because that is what I was thinking…

We guess what, I’m a photographer and I had to get over it! The first thing I noticed was all the color and knew it would really pop in photos, second I knew that with added contrast we could make something special!

I signaled to my little friend Nat who was the Riddler to come over to the ring flash (Alien Bee ABR800), two frames in I was hooked! I turned to someone and showed them the back of my camera and the game was on!


Here’s my point, when you’re given a challenge, lighting is you best way out! If you practice enough and understand your craft you can make the mundane magical! Turn the average to awesome!


These wonderful young people reminded me once again how important it is to be able to see the finished product not the subject in front of you.


Richard Avedon once said “All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.”

I don’t care how much you get oversold; you have the ability to over-deliver! Get out there and keep creating your art!!!

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