What others are saying

“My head is still spinning (in a good way) from all the various tips and training I received on lighting. My memory isn’t the best so I am anxious to buy his DVD when it comes out!”

“Everything was perfect,I learned a lot, and I hope the next ” bootcamp will be sooner because there is allways a chance to learn more and meet new and fine people…”

“Mark, that was an excellent tutorial on the components of lighting, and the workstations helped pull it together. Well done, as always!”

“For the very first time I feel I understand how to get the best lighting with my camera and I owe it to this class. Somehow the way Mark presented it in a way that got through to my head. Every one of Mark’s classes has been great but this one reached a new level for me.”

“Mark can be surely regarded as one of the most talented and skilled photographers you can find. His landscapes, portraits and general work are sublime. His talent in post-processing is truly remarkable; defining a unique style that pales in comparison to anyone else’s. Mark is a true artist and you will surely enjoy working with him…”

After 8 years of video production, Mark stepped into the still photography business. Mark combines his artistic visions of fast paced video with the static media of film to create photos that tell a story. Mark has a unique ability to make the complicated simple which makes for easy to understand lessons during the workshops as well as understands this is a visual media that requires hands on learning not just clinical class time…

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