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Making Summer Rain

Is there anything better than a child playing in the sprinklers? It reminds me of what a child I still am at heart. What if I could show you how to create a photo using a simple lawn sprinkler to create a portrait that looks as if you took it during a summer rain shower? […]

Ballet Dancer

Make better low light photos

Low light tips – shot while the temperatures reach 109 degrees There are 4 things you need to make great photos in low light, practice, practice, practice or get lucky… I’m going to give you a few tips to taking photos in low light, most of them you most likely already know. However, you will […]

Outgassing, do you know what it is?

Have you ever seen a ghost image on the glass of a framed print of yours? This is what we call outgassing, it is the release of gasses from your print that fogs the glass or can even create a ghost of your image. So what about outgassing and now what do you do? If […]

How to make a simple back lit portrait

Are you ready to stop taking the same old portraits? The following video shows how I back light many of my wedding portraits with a single speedlight! Follow along with me as I give you the recipe for creating this shot, pay attention to the f-stop (f/5.6) and distance of the flash (12 to 15 feet) because […]

Be honest… Do you really know what soft light is?

How often have we heard the light is too harsh and we need to soften it up? What does that even mean? Can we really soften light? Yes we can. As it relates to photography we must understand what makes up soft light. The softness of light has nothing to do with how diffused the […]

Event photography, 5 tips to help you out.

Pre-event – Capture an empty event space The client rarely thinks about getting shots of the event space or set-up, the event planner who more than likely has more events coming up will love that you have shots of the room prior to the crowds. They can use these to sell their services in the […]

Composition …could this be the key to unlock your photo dreams?

What is the second most important thing a photographer must have in order to be a great photographer after LOVE of the art itself? In his book Learning to See Creatively, Bryan Peterson, stated “There is no better time to crop a bad composition than just before you press the shutter release”. Imagine for a […]

Tripods aren’t really that important… Are they?

The real reason I use a tripod… I’m not going give you purchasing tips or even tell you what tripod I use (you’ll have to decide that for yourself), I am however going to give my number one reason for using a tripod. My photo mentor John drilled into my head; “Use a tripod!” John […]

What do you understand about Sync Speed?

Understanding sync speed is one of those foundation building concepts you need to understand in order to help put the whole “flash exposure” puzzle together. With all digital SLR’s you have what’s called a focal plane shutter.  The focal plane shutter is made up of two curtains.  Lets take a closer  look at what’s going on […]

Com’on man, are you trying to get better?

Okay, I’ve encouraged you to get out there and take more photos, to push yourself; I’ve explained why you need to really know your equipment. Now I want to talk a little bit about understanding the basics of photography. I’m talking composition, exposure, color, and all those things that make up a great photo. You […]

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